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Tour Itinerary

- Jet Ski Safari to Koh Phangan 

It’s taking only 30 minutes from Bophut beach. You can stop at peaceful beaches around Koh Phangan.

    - Haad Yuan Beach
    A small quiet and picturesque beach where a nice place for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on white     sandy beach.

    - Koh Raham 

    A waterfront beach bar in the North West corner of Koh Phangan. It is a popular place to visit because of     the location and the way the restaurant is decorated. There are also the beautiful Turquoise blue sea color     spot for snorkeling.

    - Koh Ma Beach 

    A small island in the North West of Koh Phangan. You can snorkel around and if the sea level decreases     you will see the sand bank called Separated Sea connecting Koh Ma with the Mae Haad Beach in
    Koh Phangan.

    - Than Sadet Waterfall

    Finding a peaceful and unique at this waterfall. Refreshing in a natural pools, you’re going to
    cool down in this heat. There is also a viewpoint that you can see panoramic view of Koh Phangan.

- Jet Ski Safari to Koh Tan and Koh Mudsum
These islands are located near Koh Samui in the South East. Jet Ski riding to explore these wonderful islands.

    - Koh Mudsum

    This small island well khown as “Pig Island” because of there are pigs stay on the beach. You can ride     around the island or play with gorgeous pig, swim, and relax on the powdery beach.

    - Koh Tan 

    Just 10 minutes riding from Koh Mudsum. The coast of Koh Tan is the most plentiful coral reef of Koh     Samui. You can snorkel among pristine water and many fishes or stop at the pure white sandy beaches on     Koh Tan, visit a Coconut beach or Mangrove forest.

Booking Conditions


5,500 Baht / 2 pax

Price Included

Transfer, professional staff, travel insurance.

Price Excluded

Admission fee to Koh Mudsum
- Adult 50 Baht/person
- Child 30 Baht/person


- Pick up time depending on hotel location.

- Itinearary can be change depending on customer.

- Suitable for child over 7 years old.

 - Pregnant women are not allowed.